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Oral Hygiene for Babies

Now that we have addressed adult oral hygiene, it is important to understand how these principles need to be applied to children’s teeth. Children need to have their teeth cleaned from the moment they appear in their mouth, which can. Read more >

Interdental Brushes

To round off the discussion on oral hygiene measures, one final thing to mention is interdental brushes. These have become more popular nowadays as people become more aware of how important it is to reduce the amount of bacteria in. Read more >

Should you use a tongue scraper?

The second question my friend asked me was – ‘should you use a tongue scraper after brushing your teeth?’ My brief answer to this question was ‘yes’ and this is why. Bacteria accumulates in the mouth in the form of. Read more >

Should you rinse your mouth?

Following on from last month’s blog, the first question my friend asked me was – ‘Should you rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth or not?’ This followed on from the explanation I was giving at the party as to. Read more >