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Toothbrushing for Teenagers

Ahh teenagers, I don’t have experience of managing a teenagers tooth cleaning at home, although I do have a number of teenagers as patients. Hopefully if your child has been encouraged in good tooth cleaning and diet habits from a. Read more >

Tooth Brushing for Small Children

With small children the tooth brushing routine should be getting easier, if you have persevered whilst they are toddlers. By now they will be used to the routine of having to have a toothbrush and toothpaste in their mouth, but. Read more >

Tooth Brushing for Toddlers

As your child leaves babyhood and starts to toddle, more of their teeth will start to emerge. Their understanding is still developing, so trying to get them to accept a toothbrush with a funny tasting substance on it can be. Read more >


Whilst I am addressing the topic of oral hygiene measures, the conversation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning mouthwash. Patients often ask me about mouthwash as if using the right one would be the cure to all their ills! To be. Read more >