Frequent Snacking

In my last blog I started to talk about diet and why this is important for the health of your teeth. I also mentioned that it is the frequency of sugary intake that makes the difference, rather than how much sugar you eat.

The bacteria in our mouths convert the sugar in our diets into acid and they do this for at least an hour after we have had any kind food that contains even a small amount of sugar. The bacteria are microscopic so they don’t need much sugar to start this process. It is our saliva that then neutralises the resulting acid and brings the pH of the mouth back down to normal.

Sugar is in virtually everything these days so you can almost guarantee that any kind of frequent snacking is harmful for your teeth. There has also been a recent trend in encouraging several small meals a day as a weight management tool. More substantial meals less frequently however would be my advice and between meals – just drink water. It may sound boring but it is much better for you!


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