Toothbrushing for Teenagers

Ahh teenagers, I don’t have experience of managing a teenagers tooth cleaning at home, although I do have a number of teenagers as patients. Hopefully if your child has been encouraged in good tooth cleaning and diet habits from a young age, then good oral hygiene will be coming naturally to them by now.

Teenager toothbrushing

Some teenagers can start to get a build-up of calculus on their teeth, so it is worth some of them starting to see the hygienist from this age. Also if they are struggling with their tooth cleaning, some professional help and guidance may well get them back on the right track.

After the age of 12 they will be losing the last of their baby teeth. Once all of the adult teeth are through, it may be worth considering some professional topical treatments to help keep their new enamel healthy and strong. Tooth enamel responds well to topical mineral treatments and this can help prevent the teeth from decaying as they get older.

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