Tooth Brushing for Toddlers

As your child leaves babyhood and starts to toddle, more of their teeth will start to emerge. Their understanding is still developing, so trying to get them to accept a toothbrush with a funny tasting substance on it can be a tricky thing to do. As a Mum I know!

Mum brushing the teeth of a toddler

Electric toothbrushes can sometimes be useful. Much depends on the child, whether they are curious about the moving toothbrush head or terrified. If an electric tooth brush scares them, manage the best you can with a manual toothbrush. You will need to hold it and make sure the bristles are able to get around as much of the teeth and gently on the gums as you can. You may need to support their jaw if they are inclined to wriggle whilst you do this.

When children are young, toothbrushing is important, but poor diet is often where the problems really start. I will talk about diet in a later blog, but if you want information now, I recommend the page on nutrition on my website.

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