My services are provided exclusively under private contract. For payment we accept cash, bitcoin and credit & debit cards, apart from American Express.

A guide to my fees are below:

New patient consultation including digital bitewing x-rays – £59.70

Check-up – £45.00

Emergency Assessment Fee for single tooth – £40

Initial Orthodontic Consultation – £30

Full Orthodontic Assessment including records and fully estimated report and treatment plan – £320 (+£100 for radiographs on referral)

Orthodontic treatment can range in cost from £200 for a simple aligner, to £10,000 depending on the complexity of the case. Extent of complexity can only be established once a Full Orthodontic Assessment has been completed.

Additional medium digital x-rays – £12

White fillings – Small – £95, medium – £150, large – £190

Simple extraction – £120

30 minute Hygienist visit – £78

Metal free advanced porcelain crown – £720

Root Canal – Incisor – £380, pre-molar – £460, molar – £540

Fine line injections – 1 area – £150, 2 areas – £225, 3 areas – £300

Lip Enhancements – £450

Out of hours call out fee for registered patients (seen within the previous year) – £120

Out of hours call out fee for non-registered patients – £250

Failed appointment or cancellation within 48 hours – £45 for each 30 minute appointment interval booked.

Costs of more complex treatment plans depend on the nature of the problem and will vary from dentist to dentist depending on their skills, knowledge and the resources they have access to. We need to see you for a New Patient Consultation before we are able to give exact quotes on individual treatment items such as crowns, veneers, bridges and orthodontics. My risk assessment of your dental condition and a fully estimated written treatment plan will be provided for you following your consultation appointment.