Facial rejuvenation

The frame around your smile is just as important as the smile itself. As we age the skin around the face can start to sag and wrinkle, but these effects can be slowed and in some cases eliminated with regular facial rejuvenation treatments. I can provide injectable fillers such as Restylane around the lower face to rejuvenate sagging jowl lines and I also use injectable muscle relaxants to reduce the intensity of the muscle action in the face which causes lines to deepen. I pride myself on the natural looking results I am able to achieve. You want your friends to say, “You look well!” rather than, “Have you had some work done?” The effects are temporary, so they are a great introduction to cosmetic treatments if you have never had them done before. Performed regularly, these treatments will help to replenish the moisture in the skin and retrain the muscles of your face, preserving your youth, the appearance of vitality in your face and increasing your confidence socially.