Toothpastes are a cocktail of chemicals that are designed to provide a medicinal component to your tooth brushing routine. Their purpose is twofold: to chemically help reduce the bacteria in the mouth that can cause problems and to provide treatments for the teeth that can help the enamel to repair itself.

You should aim to brush your teeth at least once every 24 hours with a toothpaste containing fluoride for at least 2 minutes. This allows the paste to ‘foam’ providing a chemical ‘bath’ that allows the mineral ions to be released in order to be reabsorbed by the teeth. There is a constant cycle that your teeth undergo of losing minerals and then regaining them. It is only when the loss exceeds the gain that cavities develop. Toothpastes can help to regain these minerals. I can help advise you on the best toothpaste to use for your needs, to ensure that your teeth are getting the protection they need to stay stronger for longer.