Childrens dentistry

Appropriate dental care from an early age can make an incredible difference to the long term health of a child and their prosperity. Children that have cavities at a young age are much more likely to have problems with their teeth and health in adulthood, particularly if the problems are not picked up and treated well at an early stage.

Positioning of the teeth as an adult is also very important in order to make sure that the jaw joints and supporting bones of the face are correct. Picking up problems with the development of the teeth and the jaws and if necessary, providing early treatment to correct these problems is extremely beneficial. I can help with all of these aspects of your child’s dental care and developing dentition. If nothing else, ensuring that children have the correct diet and are cleaning their teeth properly so that cavities are avoided, will go a long way to sparing them many dental problems as adults. This will save them time and money on dental bills and support their self-confidence, beauty, health and well-being throughout adulthood.