You may have been advised to brush your teeth from a young agebut you may not always have been taught why or even the best method to use.

With the correct tooth brushing technique your mouth will feel fresher and cleaner on a daily basis, leading to healthier teeth and a healthier body. Brushing and flossing is the means by which you reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and the correct technique is essential for ensuring that this is done effectively. I can help you to achieve this. It is the bacteria in your mouth that can wreak havoc if left to breed beyond a certain level.

Bleeding gums are a classic sign of gum disease indicating they need some attention to get better. I am here to ensure that you have the correct tools to guarantee you are using the leading techniques at home, to remove the bacteria in your mouth on a regular basis. We can introduce you to the latest oral hygiene products and show you how to use them. This is knowledge that you will then be able to share with your family and friends.