Root canal treatment

A full complement of teeth helps to ensure that your ‘bite’ stays in balance. In a situation where a tooth may otherwise be extracted, root canal treatments offer the solution of preserving the tooth instead. There are many benefits to this, although missing teeth can be substituted with implants, these are held rigidly in the bone. Your natural tooth, (even a root treated one) retains the ligament which preserves some “give” around the tooth, enabling it to move when necessary in response to the chewing function of your teeth. It also provides more flexibility if the tooth needs to be moved for cosmetic or orthodontic reasons at a later stage.

This therapy requires great care in order to be done well as it is a delicate operation and adequate time is needed to ensure that the root canals are disinfected properly. I do everything I can during your treatment to ensure this cure is as gentle and painless as possible.