Periodontal therapy

Have you ever heard the expression ‘long in the tooth’? This phrase arises from the tendency of the gums to shrink away from the necks of the teeth as you age, making them look longer, a condition also known as ‘periodontitis’ or ‘receding gums’. This process is avoidable, but some people are definitely more at risk of it than others and need more intensive preventative care in order to help stop this periodontal disease from progressing. If left untreated, bacteria which cause bleeding gums can start to work their way down between the gum and the tooth and damage the bone that holds the tooth in the jaw.

Once this process starts it is almost impossible to reverse and management of the condition amounts to even more intensive regular visits to the hygienist to prevent it from becoming worse. If you have developed this problem though I can help. My focus is on helping you to overcome and manage the problem to the best of your ability and my treatments are designed to be as comfortable and painless as possible, supporting your ongoing relationship with us.