Cosmetic dentistry

Everything counts when it comes to making a good first impression, yet unlike your outfits, your smile is with you wherever you go, whether it is making a keynote speech to a Fortune 500 company or in your most private moments at home.

You want your smile to reflect you at your best without it being a source of discomfort and distress. It isn’t just about appearance however, healthy teeth tend to look good and if they don’t look good there is likely to be an associated health issue or one brewing for the future.

My aim at the Victoria Jones Dental Studio is to uncover the source of any cosmetic issues you may have with your smile and rectify these as part of an overall care plan. I can also offer ongoing maintenance to ensure that the beautiful smile I provide you with has the best chance of lasting as long as you do. I want to protect the youthfulness of your smile and your health, helping you to project a confident air and happy disposition.