Tooth Brushing for Small Children

With small children the tooth brushing routine should be getting easier, if you have persevered whilst they are toddlers. By now they will be used to the routine of having to have a toothbrush and toothpaste in their mouth, but their manual dexterity is still developing. If you leave them to brush their teeth on their own, they won’t do a very effective job which could cause problems sooner rather than later, especially if their diet is poorly controlled as well.

small child brushing teeth

Children really need to have their teeth brushed for them until the age of 6 and beyond the age of 6 they need to be watched and coached until the age of 12. Remember the toothbrush needs to get around all of the surfaces of the teeth, especially the surfaces near the tongue. With your help and support a good tooth cleaning technique will help to keep their teeth hygienic and healthy.

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