Which Toothpaste?

Another question I am often asked is which toothpaste is best?

To answer this question it helps to understand what toothpaste is aiming to achieve for you. The bacteria in your mouth cause two main problems, it can build up on your teeth and work its way down between the gum and the tooth causing gum problems. Secondly the bacteria converts any sugar in your diet into acid and it is this acid that causes the teeth to start to decay.


If this decay process has started, the enamel of the teeth can rebuild itself, but to do this it needs access to the minerals that build tooth enamel. These minerals are fluoride, calcium and phosphate. So any toothpaste that you use should contain these minerals and the idea is, when you brush your teeth these minerals will help to rebuild the tooth where the decay process is in its early stages.

To make the most of this, make sure the toothpaste has a chance to foam in your mouth for at least 2 minutes, but then spit it out don’t swallow it because it isn’t great for the rest of your body! Our remineralisation treatments are a more sophisticated version of this. See our treatment pages for more information.

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