Tooth Brushing

In my experience hardly anyone has been taught how to brush their teeth properly and I have rarely seen it demonstrated well on television either. I keep promising my patients that one day I will get round to producing my video on the correct toothbrush technique, but for now I can offer the following tips.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Toothbrushing is needed in order to remove the excess bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria cause two main problems; they convert any sugar that is in our diet into acid which will cause the teeth to start to decay. Also if the bacteria are left to gather around the gum margins they will start to work their way down between the gum and the tooth, damaging the ligament that holds the tooth in the socket and eventually starting to dissolve the bone that holds the tooth in the jaw.

In order to avoid these problems bacteria needs to be removed from every nook and cranny of the mouth, which is a very difficult thing to do perfectly. Visiting our dental hygienist on a regular basis can help to improve your tooth brushing technique and they can point out the areas that you are missing and make sure that they are at least accessed and cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

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