Should you use a tongue scraper?

The second question my friend asked me was – ‘should you use a tongue scraper after brushing your teeth?’ My brief answer to this question was ‘yes’ and this is why.
Bacteria accumulates in the mouth in the form of ‘dental plaque’ which is a white sticky substances that attaches itself to the teeth and gathers particularly along the gum margins. Toothbrushing aims to remove this plaque, however, the plaque doesn’t just stick to the teeth it can accumulate on the tongue as well. Brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper can help in it’s removal which assists in keeping all of your mouth healthy.


Another reason for brushing your tongue is to help control bad breath. The secretions from the back of your nose can gather on the very back of your tongue as the secretions pass from your nose to the back of your throat. This creates what is known professionally as ‘post nasal drip’. The secretions here can become quite pungent, so using a tongue scraper at the very back of your tongue (you will need to overcome your gag reflex), will help to keep your tongue clean here and your breath smelling sweet!

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