Tooth cleaning techniques

I recently attended a dinner party with a friend who has also been a patient of mine for many years, during the course of the conversation we started talking about appropriate tooth cleaning techniques, everyone at the table was fascinated – believe it or not!


Following the dinner party my friend sent me an email with a long list of questions that she couldn’t believe we had never discussed professionally before. This didn’t surprise me really, because as dentists there are often so many things that need to be mentioned when a patient comes in to visit, that sometimes the most obvious things get left unaddressed as seemingly more important issues take precedent.

As a dentist it is often difficult to keep track of what has been discussed with whom and at what time. We also tend to assume that everyone knows the answers to these questions when perhaps they don’t. In an attempt to overcome this I will be outlining all of my friends questions and answering them one by one for you each month, so that next time you are at a dinner party with a knowledgeable dentist, none of this will take you by surprise!

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