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The Victoria Jones Dental Studio has been established to provide a state of the art dental facility, combining excellent clinical skills with the latest technology and a personal and friendly service. It is our aim to provide an unparalleled experience and to help our patients overcome the issues they may have encountered with their previous dental care.


Have you avoided going to the dentist because of a previous bad experience?


Are you fed up with your usual five minute check-up and

a hasty 10 minute clean?


Have you ever had toothache and then had to wait weeks before you could be seen?


Do you have persistent pain that your current dentist hasn't been able to help you with?


Are you concerned that your gums might not be as healthy as you would like them to be?


Are you anxious about the appearance of your teeth?


Are you worried that your child has crooked teeth but you have been told

to wait until the permanent ones come through before they can see an Orthodontist?


Would you like advice on treatments to help soften and smooth the wrinkles you have around your face?



If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then we are here to help you!



All of our staff at the Victoria Jones Dental Studio are friendly and understanding - we have seen it all before! As you will see from the many testimonials throughout our website we have a great dental experience just waiting for you that will surpass anything you have previously encountered!


"Go and see them! Don't be scared like you normally would going to a dentist - they are lovely and will look after you!"

Stephen Brown

"My teeth have improved remarkably. I have results I never thought could be achieved with my teeth. I'm so impressed by the work that I plan to return for more in the future!"

Vito Cerabona


Our business is structured to ensure that we are able to provide you with undivided attention during your consultation and treatments. We use the latest technology to help you understand any issues you might have in your mouth.

"I have had quite a few dentists over the years who can all talk the talk, but not walk the walk! I trust Victoria and feel confident with her work. The health of my teeth is the best it has ever been. Cosmetically they have improved."

Linda Booth


Our treatments and the equipment we use are designed to ensure that any treatment that we provide for you is as comfortable as possible. We keep you informed regarding your care at every stage and Victoria is continuously available should you have any queries.


"Great service, excellent treatments and friendly conversation, I'm confident that I have a great dentist who will look after my teeth!"

Danielle Hackett


In addition to all of the above we offer a 'Repair, Replace and Refund Guarantee' to all those patients that belong to our Membership Scheme, so that you need never be concerned regarding the investment you will be making in your dental care.


"The quality of the work is amazing, the whole experience far less stressful than your 'usual' trip to the dentist, and while not the cheapest in town - worth every penny!"

Sylwia Rathod


We are keen to help you and answer any queries you may have, so please feel free to contact us regarding any matter that we may be able to help you with. We look forward to meeting you!


If you would like to make an appointment to come and see us please click here.


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